Falls Creek Medical Centre Fees 2023

Facility Fee (injuries) $550

Facility Fee (general consultation) $150

• Additional consultation, xray and other sundry fees are charged at Medicare Rebate level – ie no additional gaps

• Payment is required at the time of consultation.

• Facility fees are non-rebatable and are not covered by private health insurance

Why are the fees so high?

• Falls Creek is a remote and isolated community. Business operating costs are consequently much higher at Falls Creek

• Falls Creek Medical Centre only operates during the Winter Season but expenses are incurred throughout the year

• The Medical Centre provides a high-quality Accident and Emergency service. This incurs costs far in excess of a standard medical practice.

• The Medical Centre owns and maintains oversnow vehicles to facilitate emergency responses.

• Heating a building in the snow is very expensive.

Why doesn’t Medicare cover the cost?

• Medicare rebates have failed to keep up with the costs of providing medical services

• Medicare considers Falls Creek Medical Centre to be the same as any urban General Practice for the purpose of rebates

• Medicare does not cover the cost of providing emergency equipment and materials

Why can’t I claim on Private Insurance?

By law, private health insurance cannot cover out-of-hospital medical expenses. These include consultation fees, xrays and other procedural fees. Please refer to the Health Department explanation vie the link below:

Depending on your level of cover, your private health insurance may cover some fees for medical equipment.

Why does it cost so much more at Falls Creek than at other Alpine Resorts in Victoria?

Falls Creek Medical Centre only receives very limited subsidies. The Medical Center is grateful for the support received from the local Resort Management Board. We also receive some funds from the Federal Government to support after-hours care. This financial support is however very modest compared to the subsidies provided to Medical Centres at other Victorian Alpine Resorts.

How do you sleep at night, charging this much?

None of the team at Falls Creek Medical Centre are happy about the level of our fees. We are a committed and caring team who are concerned that it costs so much for people to access emergency care for unexpected events. We are however committed to providing a sustainable and high-quality service. The Medical Centre is not profitable and is strongly supported and subsidized by its parent company, the Mount Beauty Medical Centre. This in turn puts pressure on the local health services in Mount Beauty.

If you are as concerned about the fees as we are, we encourage you to express your views to the State and Federal Governments.

Falls Creek Medical Centre