Caring for the Upper Kiewa Community since 1956

A Doctor is on call 24/7

If you need medical help after hours
contact the Mount Beauty Hospital on 03 5754 3500.

In an emergency call 000

Please keep our staff, patients, and the broader community safe by abiding by all of our safety precautions. If you have symptoms such as: cough, tightness of breath, runny nose, or sneezing please DO NOT enter the practice. Tell the receptionist when booking your appointment or call us from the carpark when you arrive at the practice. The doctor may decide to complete your consultation over the phone or in the car park. If you come into the practice, use the hand sanitiser at the front door and keep your distance from other patients and receptionists. Our practice has put protocols in place to ensure we are as safe as possible. Please keep us all safe.

If you have any respiratory symptoms, we REALLY need to know if what you are experiencing is a common cold, flu or Coronavirus.

If you develop a fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath or achy body symptoms please ring the Medical Centre or the Hospital (on the weekends) to discuss an EARLY Coronavirus test. Testing can be arranged locally at Mount Beauty or at the testing clinic in Wodonga.

For more information regarding Coronavirus please consult the Victorian DHHS Coronavirus website.

We are currently offering telehealth and phone consultations to all patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is by appointment and our staff will determine your eligibility by asking you some questions when booking your appointment.
If you have a device with camera, speakers, microphone and internet connection, such as a smart phone/iPhone, Tablet or computer, you will be able to "see" your doctor in a Telehealth appointment. 5 minutes before your appointment time, click on the ‘telehealth’ link top left of this page which takes you to the Health Direct page where you can access our virtual waiting room. You will be able to see and speak to the doctor and the doctor will be able to see and speak to you. Please ask the receptionist if you are not sure how it all works.

Mount Beauty Medical Centre is providing our community with 24/7 oncall which means that there is a Mount Beauty doctor on call every night, all weekends and allpublic holidays. If you need to see a doctor after hours, please phone the hospital on 03 5754 3500 and a nurse will triage you. All after hours consultations will incur a fee.

We have now vaccinated the majority of patients that are eligible for free government funded flu vaccines. If you are over 65, a child under 5, pregnant or have a chronic health conditionthat affects your lungs or airways and have not yet had a flu vaccine please contact reception and they will determine your eligibility. If you are not eligible for a government funded vaccine and wish to have a flu shot, pleasecall us and our receptionists can talk you through the process of getting one.

Normally when staff meet a big milestone, I write about it in the newsletter, but this time its my milestone! I have now worked at the Medical Centre for 10 years, and boy, what a great 10 years its been. In that time, I have worked at both Falls Creek and Mount Beauty Medical Centres, I have graduated university, boughta house, gotten married and had two lovely children, who are both now at primary school! Thisis truly a wonderful place to work with supportive employers and co-workers, but I am very much looking forward to using some long service leave! Jasmin.

ALL Australians now have a “My Health Record” unless they choose to opt-out. It is an online summary of your key health information, it may include:
· An overview of your health uploaded by your doctor
· Hospital discharge summaries
· Reports from testsand scans
· Medications your doctor hasprescribed
· Medicare and Pharmaceutical benefits scheme information
· Organ donation decisions
· Immunisation history
Your health information can be viewed securely online, from anywhere at any time – even if you travel interstate. Which means that in an emergency, healthcare providers can access important information about you, which may save your life. It also means you don't have to remember the names of your medications or recent tests you may have had.

PACE (Pulmonary and Caridac Exercise and Education program)
The PACE program has commenced being funded by Murray Primary Health Network through Alpine Health. This program involves development of a Cardiac / COPD rehabilitation clinic using group exercise programs. You can learn more about Alpine Health's PACE Program here. If you are interestedinbeing involved please talk to your doctor.

Did you know that we bulk bill all young people who live in the area and are still at school? We need their medicare number and if they are a minor, the medicare number, name and date of birth of aparent. We can then transmit the account directly to Medicare so there is no out of pocket expence.
Did you know that Mount Beauty Medical Centre doctors are on-call afterhours 75% of the year – every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night, every public holiday, every day over the Christmas and Easter periods and every third Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. If you ring the hospital, the nurse will triage you and contact the doctor if needed or requested.