Patient Feeback Survey Results

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Comments about our medical service are always welcome. If there is any way we can improve for your benefit, we will.

Please feel free to speak to our staff about any suggestions you may have. Patients are entitled to register a complaint with the Victorian Health Services Commission for health issues: Phone 03 8601 5200 or Fax 03 8601 5219


Thankyou to the patients who completed our feedback survey. The results have been analysed by an independent company (CFEP Surveys) as part of our practice accreditation requirements. The survey results are compared to other General Practices and our ratings allocated into a low, medium or upper quartile. We are extremely happy with the results with only one area appearing in the medium quartile (Seeing doctor of choice) and all the other responses were well in the upper quadrant. 2017 feedback results show an improvement in overall patient satisfaction. If you are interested in viewing the whole report, please let the receptionist know.

There were also some really great comments from patients:

·     I think overall everything is very good / A well run practice

·     Fantastic service. We are lucky to have such wonderful staff- doctors, nurses and receptionists

·     Very happy with this clinic / They can't improve 10/10

·     I feel we are really lucky with expert and varied services this medical centre provides

·     Excellent all over, wouldn't attend anywhere else. Excellent staff and best doctors ever

·     It is perfect as it is -  No need to improve – excellent service

·     Don't think they need to – the service to the community is excellent. They go out of their way to help you any way they can.

There were also some comments about how we can improve our service including:

·     Bulk bill / More Medicare appointments / Bulk Bill prescriptions

·     Weekend on call should be available / Man the hospital weekends

·     Sometimes my doctor of choice is not available. A substitute is always offered.

·     Tea/Coffee

We are always interested in your comments regarding improving our practice and would like to encourage all our patients to discuss the issue of bulk billing and weekend on call rationale with any of our doctors. There are reasons why we need to practice this way and it may help alleviate patient concerns if the restrictions of bulk billing and the added stress providing 24/7 oncall is explained further.

Also unfortunately due to health and occupational safety restrictions, we can't offer tea or coffee to patients but we do purchase water for patients to access while they are waiting.

It was pleasing to hear that while we cannot always offer an appointment with the doctor of choice, that we can offer other options.

Thankyou from all staff at the Mount Beauty Medical Centre.