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If you have a medical emergency phone 000 immediately. If you need to see a Doctor outside of Clinic Hours please phone the hospital on 03 5754 3500.

A nurse will triage and contact the Doctor on call if required.


We wish all our patients a very happy and healthy 2018. This year we will be continuing to offer a range of services with our Allied Health providers, Mai - Dietitian, Alison - Diabetes Educator and Kellie – Podiatrist along with our Specialist team, Andrew Taylor– Cardiologist, Frank Miller– Surgeon, Natalie Harrison– Endocrinologist and Jacqui Leitch – Echo Technician. We are waiting on news from Murray Primary Health Network on the ongoing funding for our Counsellors – Neil and Russell and we will let patients know of these changes as they are confirmed. So all in all it looks like another busy year for the practice and staff.


We would like to welcome 4 new people to the practice in 2018. Dr Samantha Daly and Dr Lauren Cussen will be commencing work as General Practitioner Registrars on 5th February 2018 and Sam Aslam and Julia Barrington will be our full time Medical Students for the year. We will have some photos and more information on our webpage, facebook page and February newsletter. It will be an interesting year with 2 Laurens and a Laura, and 2 Sams – we will all have to be on our toes. We know that they are all enthusiastic about working and living in our wonderful community.


We are very sad to say goodbye to our trainee, Bonnie who came to us fresh out of Secondary College through the TAFE system. Bonnie has been with us for the past two years learning how to manage a very busy Medical Centre and all the duties involved. Bonnie has blossomed into a very responsible, kind and considerate person, helpful and respectful to other staff and patients. Bonnie is having a huge change in focus by heading to West Australia (Pilbara region) to work as a Jillaroo on a large cattle station. We are all keen to hear about her experiences and will keep you informed of her progress. We wish Bonnie all the very best and thank her for her friendship and hard work over the past two years.


We are very pleased to inform all our patients that we passed our accreditation through Quality Practice Accreditation. We met all the essential criteria of the Royal College of General Practice Standards through an independent accreditation process. Here are some of the comments made by the accreditation surveyors:

Mount Beauty Medical Centre is an outstanding practice, providing a very high level of care for the area, thanks to GPs who go to great lengths for their local community, and high quality practice management.

The surveyors remarked upon the comprehensive practice information sheet, and confirmed that the Practice's privacy policy is on display at the reception desk.

The referral letters reviewed as part of the sample of patient health records were excellent, providing sufficient information about the referrer, referee and patient.

Within the sample of patient health records reviewed, the GP surveyor saw excellent summaries, replete with comprehensively recorded data.

The practice is exceeding the requirement of the Standards, with all of the patient health records reviewed containing evidence of the recording of known allergies in the health summary.

The practice hosts two medical students each year, and has an excellent system in place to advise patients of their presence.

Well done to all our staff for this glowing report.


We would like to inform all our patients that smoking is not permitted in the practice, outside the front door or in the car parking area. We have a total smoke free environment and we hope our patients understand and comply with our protocol.

Over 75 Years Health Assessment

Are you over 75 and have not been invited to have a free Health Assessment? Our lovely nurses would love to see you to complete this assessment. This is also a health promotion initiative which may help identify any health issues before they become a problem for you.  Please discuss having a health assessment with your doctor or with one of our nursing staff.

Shingles Vaccine Free For 70-79 Year Olds

The shingles vaccine is provided free of charge to people aged 70 to 79 years, subject to vaccine supply. We have organized several “shingles vaccination clinics” over the past few months. If you have not been contacted and would like to have this vaccination please ask our receptionist when the next vaccination clinic will be held. The risk of Shingles increases as a person gets older so we hope that if you fit into the age group that you take advantage of the free vaccine.


Don't forget that it is really easy to check out what appointments are available over the coming months by logging into our website and clicking on the “click here to make an appointment online”. It is very easy and only takes a couple of minutes. Once you have registered (you only need to register once) you will be able to make your own appointment.

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